About Us

Our company was started by Jeroen de Boer over a decade ago. Growing up, he yearned to learn to get behind the wheel as soon as possible. He was in love with cars from a very young age. As he grew up, he also realized how much he loved teaching other people. He also began to realize how much he loved meeting people from around the world. It was then that he hit upon the ideal career choice. His goal was to start a company that would teach people from around the globe how to drive. In the years since that time, he reached out to others who share his vision. His aim was to find people who want to teach and also love to drive. He quickly found many others who could share his vision and make it easy for anyone living in Amsterdam to learn how to get behind the wheel and go where they pleased. Our company has since seen vast expansion, hiring staffers who really want to be part of something both fun and entirely useful as well. What was once a simple idea about helping people, particularly ex-pats learn to drive, has expanded into a thriving concern that offers many valuable services to people who really need them. We know that people want to learn to drive. We understand that obstacles may have been in their way before. We want to help all our clients overcome such issues and learn to love to drive safely

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