Corporate Classes

One thing that distinguishes us from other companies is our ability to provide corporate classes. In our increasingly intertwined world, each person is connected with each other. Many people spend part of their lives in one place and then another part in one or more other countries. Many people do not learn to drive when young. A child growing up in Singapore with an extensive rail network will have no need to learn to drive. Teens who grow up in New York City also have access to an extensive network of public buses, trains and other forms of transportation. This makes it easy for people to avoid driving. Our aim is to show them how easy it is to learn to drive as an adult.

Increasing Your Applicant Pool

We also know that companies today want to draw on an extensive applicant pool of qualified people. However, some people may not have the ability to drive at this point. Driving has become a necessary skill. While Amsterdam is well served by many boats, walking paths and bike paths, it also has many places to drive. We provide corporate classes so any company can tap into the skills of all the people of the world, even if they haven’t learned to drive yet. When your company offers special driving classes just for employees, this can help you increase your talent level. Many people love the idea of being able to expand their skills at a new job. They relish the opportunity to become part of the international driving community. Our lessons also allow each person to live somewhere else and then have options when it comes to getting to work.

Teaching Large Groups

Learning to drive with other people is very useful. Many people aren’t quite sure where to begin. Many people find it easier to learn to drive when they driving in a group. We help students embrace their lessons with our corporate lessons. Corporate lessons allow all members of company to get access to our lessons at a discount. They also help encourage company officials to feel connected to each other both during work and afterwards. Each person can study at their own pace. Each person can also take private driving lessons. We have large cars that enable multiple people to be present at the same time. One person can drive while the other person watches. This makes it easy for both people to learn from any mistakes they make when driving. It also provides each person with a driving buddy. A driving buddy can help them figure out where they’re going wrong and what they need to do instead. Our corporate lessons not only teach people how to drive well. They also help people feel like they are part of a time both when they’re on the job and when they’re at work.

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