Driving Classes

Driving classes offer our clients direct, hands on exposure to the world of driving. Our trained staffers remain in control at all times as our clients take the wheel. Taking the wheel for the first time can be terrifying. This is why we help our clients adjust immediately. Entering one of our cars with a trained driver allows the occupant to overcome their fears and familiarize themselves with all parts of the car. We show each of our clients exactly to drive carefully from the very first moment they start the lesson. Our clients learn how to use all the car’s features from brakes to driving in neutral. They also learn how to adjust the areas of the car to their exact liking. We’ll show them to how to move the mirrors so they can see everything they need to see as they drive. Each client has the chance to become well acquainted with all the controls in the car so they exactly what to do with each button. We’ll also show each client how to move the seat so they are the right height for driving. Our clients know from the first how to create an environment in the car that helps them become better drivers.

Driving Practice

Once our drivers are comfortable inside the car, it’s time to start hitting the road. We begin with small driving voyages. Our clients start off each lesson in a highly protected place. This allows each driver to proceed at their own pace. Some drivers are comfortable enough to begin driving on crowded roads immediately. Other drivers find it useful to get as much experience as possible before they start driving in crowded spaces. We offer lessons that help drivers experience many differing kinds of road conditions. A quiet street where there are few other drivers and no other people helps our drivers gain confidence initially. After that, it’s off the real world road conditions that apply. Our instructors will first demonstrate how to respond to other cars in the abstract. Then, real world lessons apply. Each driver can pick from a wide variety of classes. Some people only need a few lessons before they can take their driving test. Other people may need to have more lessons in order to feel confident they can pass. We provide many levels of possible lessons, allowing our drivers to pick and choose which ones are right for them.

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