Fruitautomaten Collection

Driving a car can be quite hard to manage for some people; they are experiencing difficulties with focusing or are experiencing some anger issues behind the wheel. Rijschool Premium summed up some of the most common behavior while driving a car, which can be pretty recognizable for a lot of experienced drivers. Are you suffering from one of these listed issues? Rijschool Premium offers many driving classes that can solve the problem in just a few lessons. Sunny View has also participated in this article, by offering a special collection of fruitautomaten sunglasses. Read the article below to find out more about their collection.

Easily Frustrated
A lot of drivers are easily frustrated, which can be noticed by the way they act on the road. What is the most common act on the road that a lot of drivers are frustrated about? Slow drivers. If you experience a slow driver on the road, stay focused and try to calm down. Only in some cases it is allowed to pass a car on the highway, take notice that this can be a very dangerous thing to do. Always make sure that the road next to you is clear and no car is present on this side. Take a look at your mirror to see if there isn’t any other car passing by.
If it is not possible to pass the car in front of you, you should stay calm the entire time. There is no need for tailgating and it will only increase your inner frustrations. Stay away from dangerous situations and always stay calm while driving.

Especially during sunrises and sunsets, the position of the sun can be very inconvenient for you as a driver. The sun can be very sharp and can also reflect directly in to your eyes, which can cause dangerous situations for drivers who are suffering from difficulties to focus on the road. Planning to take the car during these golden hours? Prepare yourself by buying sunglasses which can be specially used while driving. Choose the one that includes a high UV filter, which will protect your eyes from the sun. Sunglasses that are marked with UV-400 are the best UV filter sunglasses and will block the most dangerous radiations. It is necessary to buy sunglasses with a CE logo, which informs you about the quality of the filter. The sunglass collection of Sunny View has created a collection based on the colors of fruitautomaten. The collection consist out of bright colors including a strong UV filter. The fruitautomaten collection is available in the colors blue and yellow/gold.

Smartphone activity
Even though drivers are warned about the use of smartphones while driving, there are still a lot of people who are using their smartphone while they are on the road. This can cause many dangerous situations and scenarios, which can also frustrate a lot of drivers. Consider a hands free system, which can be easily installed in to your car. Even though it is possible to use a hands free system, it is still recommendable to avoid any contact with your smartphone while driving. By using a smartphone you will not be fully present on the road and eventually will lose focus. Always stay focused on the road, especially because of the unpredictable acts of other drivers around you. Make sure to stay safe and prevent yourself from using your phone!

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